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You can send your cases/impressions/models through UPS or DHL services to our lab in India. You can also avail of discounts by using our corporate account with UPS.

Physical impression work, once received, is completed and returned in 7-8 business day, which includes a lab Turn Around Time of 3 days. Shipping is arranged through UPS. A digital/STL file work, can be delivered faster in less than a week’s time.

We do not have any specific preferences however as experienced, UPS delivers packages in 2-3 business days which is faster compared to DHL, which takes 4-5 days. DHL is comparatively cheaper however time consuming.

We do accept intra-oral scan files and model scan files ready for design and mill from most systems used worldwide. We do print 3D Models of STL file to complete restoration process with ceramic work. Work is completed with CAD CAM technology for all fixed restorations crowns & bridge work.

Physical models/Impression are not mandatory if you send us the STL/digital files.

Yes, you can try our risk free trials. If you don’t like it its free.

We do offer complete restoration process with ceramic work on STL file including digital/printing models.

We do offer only designing and milling work as per client requirements.

Payment terms for all our new customers are on advance basis . A Proforma Invoice is sent for the orders received in the lab. The payment options you have available are via Bank wire transfer, Credit Cards and Paypal . We will provide the bank details for payment processing along with the proforma invoice.