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Metal Free Restorations


3D MultilithicTM

Milled to precision with CAD CAM technology, Finished to perfection through skilled craftsmanship

Milled from a new generation of multilayered zirconia, multilithic offers an optimal combination of variable translucency and uniform strength. The inherent shade gradient results in more natural looking restorations.


  • Metal Free
  • Biocompatible
  • High Strength
  • Variable Translucency
  • Shade gradient from cervical to incisal, mimicking natural tooth
  • Improved esthetics as solid restorations


  • Anterior crowns and bridges (upto 3 units)
  • Posterior crowns and bridges (upto 4 units)

Material Details

  • CAD CAM  multilayer zirconia
  • Strength - 1100 Mpa

  • 3D Multilithic

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