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Implant Prosthetics

Custom Abutment - Titanium


Customised abutments made from blanks with pre fabricated hex, 5 axis milling ensures precision fit

Custom abutment provides natural emergence profile to the implant prosthesis.It is CAD-CAM milled and compatible with a large number of implant companies. The hex remains untouched during milling thereby preserving connection geometry.Implant level impressions or scans are sufficient to mill this abutment.


  • Abutment margin can be customised
  • Allows for optimal emergence contours
  • Milled to replicate tooth form i.e anatomical abutments
  • Gives a comfortable passive fit
  • Gingival collar height can be customised
  • Promotes gingival health
  • Prevents prosthetic failures.


  • Cement and screw retained prosthesis
  •  Angled implants
  •  Short abutments bearing large restorations

  • Custom Abutment - Titanium

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