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Provisional Restorations


Available as milled, traditional and PMMA for trials

Milled temporaries are made from Polymethyl Methacrylate, exceptionally esthetic material, for making life-like provisional restorations. The 5 layers of Brylic Gradient show an unnoticeably smooth transition between layers. Milled over CAD-CAM, ensuring a precise fit. Our temporaries are designed to help you and your patient to mimic the final outcome of the treatment. These temporaries prevent the patient from being esthetically and functionally handicapped even for a short amount of time.


  • Guarantees sleek temporaries with a great fit.
  • Marginal accuracy due to CAD CAM manufacturing.
  • Great stain resistant properties due to highly smooth and polished surfaces.
  • Customizable shade selection.
  • Does not crack under moderate pressure.
  • Tensile strength> 75 Mpa, Biflexural strength > 120 Mpa


  • Anterior and posterior  temporary crowns and bridges

Material Details

  • CAD CAM temporary blanks (BrylicTM)

  • Provisional Restorations

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