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Introduction to Laxmi Dental




In today's digital dental world we create value economically and more reliably.
Quality in a service or product is not only what you put into it. It is what a client or customer gets out of it.
Laxmi Dental has a legacy of over 35 years in the dental space and has evolved from a home grown two-member dental lab to cohesive multi-facetted integrated group with over 1800 employees and a presence in over 50 countries. Laxmi Dental Group offers holistic vertically integrated services as a full-service dental laboratory in India and a leading outsourcing dental lab with service hubs in USA and Europe. 

Laxmi Dental prides on having USA FDA registered and ISO certified state-of-the-art facilities near Mumbai, India. Equipped with the latest CAD/CAM, 3D design and printing technology, we can accommodate the scale while maintaining the quality of the product. We also offer full- services on fixed restorations and our products are made as per customer specifications achieved through clear communication and prompt technical support. 

Consistency is our motto and we are committed to delivering a perfect fit, following the instructions and maintaining a high standard of quality every single time. 

The Laxmi Journey

Started as a two-man dental lab with a vision to serve quality restorations and services at an affordable price 
Introduced innovative materials in the domestic market and grew into a full fledged dental lab
Adopted CAD/CAM techniques and introduced newer range of dental restorative material
Vertically integrated into an entirely digital dental lab  providing products and services to over 50 countries 

Increase Lab Sales

Increase your lab sales without investing in your existing lab setup. No need to add any new equipment or hire new staff. 

Add New Products & Services

Maintain current production levels  or add new products and services without investing in technology, training or equipment and material. 

Concentrate On Complex Cases

Keep your focus and concentrate your energy or resources on complex cases like implant cases that add value to your business.
We can help you achieve...

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With US FDA Registered & ISO Certified facilities and globally trained technicians, we boast a very low remake rate and one of the best in industry customer retention rate

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